Tatu Vuorio, portrait, photo Jutta KalliI am artist and designer from Espoo Finland. I graduated Masters of Arts at Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and architecture, at the department of applied art and design. Before I have graduated Designer at the Institute of Art and Design in Lahti where I was specializing in jewellery and object design at the Department of Applied Art. I have also studied at the University of art and design in Toyama Japan, Alfa-Art School of Arts in Helsinki, Lahti Institute of Fine Arts and the Adult Education Centres of Lahti and Espoo.

I strive to focus on lucid design language, beauty and functionality in my design. In my work I ponder the relationship of the small things in life with the bigger questions. Being ecological and economically efficient requires a great effort in everyday work; these are things one should aim at but are challenging to reach absolutely. The goal in design is to meet the needs of people. Just fulfilling a need is not enough but designers are also responsible for the products and concepts they create. In the realm of art, my aim has been to develop new ways to work, new techniques and a form of expression of my own. I drift continuously on the theme of human existence, with mythology of alchemist tradition and philosophy. In the field of design the challenge is greater – it is not enough that a product encompasses the message of beauty, goodness and truth – it also has to meet the aesthetical, ethical, ergonomical, ecological and economical objectives and fulfil the function for which is was designed.

My curriculum vitae can be found Here