The Block

Materials: renovating plastic, three studio halogens, wood, tape                                 Place: Aalto school of art and design right hand main elevator 7th floor                     Artists: Tatu Vuorio and Eeva Hannula

Main idea was to distract everyday routines and evoke a confusing experience.The viewer is coming from the elevator and steps in to the lightness and emptyness. First impression can be schoking and then move to the mental associations that emptiness and lightness evoke. Chosen material was renovating plastic which refers to an possible unexpected event or incident. The Block also blends the private and public space into each other.

The Block, Photo © Eeva Hannula


Framing the presence


Existence Installation

The existence of human is “thrown into the world.” He is completely free to choose the appearance and value of life, but is also forced to do so. This contradiction follows the basic life-experience what is called anxiety.

I start wonder different point of view for existence. With a simple questions about human relation to object and environment existence. I found also interesting time and it’s different existences; past, present and future. I place simple every day object door, which I found at abandoned house as a sculpture in midel of city park known as “ruttopuisto” named from former cemetery time. Main point wasn’t art as a object, but art observer as a subject. What would people do when they are facing their existence in the middle of their everyday routines?

Video of people behavior can be seen here.

Existence installation 1



Intuition from a destruction is a project to achieve a new working methods for sculpture and design process.

Video from process can be found here.

Intuition from a destruction, 2013


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