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Between sky and earth

Between sky and earth, jewelry collection is inspired by the Finnish culture, mysticism and faith to life in all its shades and lights. People reports that on the basis of the Kalevala is written, tell a different culture in which we now live. Common, however, is the responsibility of tomorrow, as well as faith and hope for a better future. This values has been important in the past and present to remain us, who we are and where we come from and most importantly where we are going. In the old days it was believed spirits and mysticism, relied on the living human beings to achieve happiness and balance. First and foremost important was to live human beings between sky and earth.

Between sky and earth, jewelry concept is designed to be silver and regenerated leather which are made ​​of a molding method.



Suzuri tableware

Suzuri tableware was inspired by Japanese inkstone, which is used in Sumi-e art. The minimalistic plate has a groove for the sauce, and it goes well with different meals.


Thermic, 2014 World gliding Championship award design

The challenge in award designing is great – it is not enough that a product encompasses the message of beauty – it also has to meet the aesthetic, functional and economical objectives and to fulfill the message that it is carrying. I strived to this design task in great passion. I aimed to create a lucid object which encompasses the spirit of sky, flying and gliding.

Inspiration for the award design came from the thermal column and clouds. I aimed at capturing the feeling of gliding by using the Scandinavian design language. Glass is an exquisite material to express the immaterial phenomenon that a glider experience in the air.
The lucid transparent shape with unadorned appearance creates visually changing atmosphere where dreams can fly.

20 metre multi seat


 Rado unlimited spirit contest 2010

Rado is happy to announce that Tatu Vuorio from Finland won the RADO UNLIMITED SPIRIT CONTEST 2010! The Jury selected Tatu’s project first of all because he really thought of an “Unlimited Spirit” concept, creating an innovative object that does not look like a usual award. Secondly the originality of having a full ceramic award where you can feel the material, hold it in one hand is really a nice thought. Finally, the notion of time shown by the erosion or the polishing of the material was very much appreciated.

Rado process

Beginning of August 2010, Rado has announced that 30-year-old artist Tatu Vuorio of Finland has won their Rado Unlimited Spirit Online Contest to design the exclusive Rado Unlimited Spirit Award. Tatu’s project was produced this summer in Switzerland and was presented at a private reception in Los Angeles on September 16th, to this year’s honorees Maria Bello, David Hertz and Paul Haggis. The Rado Unlimited Spirit Awards honor the innovative and inspirational people who challenge definitions and boundaries through their art, work and philanthropic initiatives.

Rado Unlimited Spirit award 2010, backage


Rado & Vanity Fair Celebrate Unlimited Spirit